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Make it easier for your customers to get paid from overseas, reducing the financial risk associated with international transfers and receive funds faster with local bank account numbers.


Send cost-effective, direct to bank account transfers. Instruct and disburse mass payments in a single transaction, and use our in-country payment network, saving you and your customers time and money.


Get access to competitive real-time exchange rates, control against foreign exchange fluctuations, consolidate multiple conversions and maintain multi-currency balances with our intelligent conversion tools.


Keeping tabs on your payments just got easier. Manage everything, from beneficiary details and customer pricing to user permissions, payment tracking, reporting and much more.

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Expanding Collection Functionality

Expand your payment capabilities with tools that allow you to collect currency abroad. The Collect functionality gives you a ready-made collections product that issues you with local accounts to speed up payments in the US and Eurozone.

A complete solution with a simple API integration. You can leverage our trusted platform and tailor your payments capabilities to give your customers a first-class experience, free from the complexities and inefficiencies of traditional cross-border payments.

Global Collections

  • Virtual Account Numbers – local accounts in the EU & USA 

  • Easy reconciliation – using virtual account numbers and rich reference data

  • No SWIFT deductions – invoices paid in full without unfair SWIFT charges

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Our functionality gives you real-time access to wholesale exchange rates. Convert money at an agreed rate and manage settlements to your APFOR account

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Currency conversion – create, retrieve, track and find a conversion
Wholesale foreign exchange rates – low-cost rates for currency conversions
Forwards – lock in future rates for up to 12 months

Conversion Management

Trade split – split your trades
Cancellations – cancel a trade
Date change – change the date of a future conversion


Real-time foreign exchange rates – access live rate quotes before a conversion is made


Settlements – consolidate multiple conversions into a single reference for sending funds to APFOR

Streamline and automate payments for optimal efficiency

Our functionality gives you choice and control over your domestic and international payments.


  • Local payout – cost-effective payout to over 35 countries.

  • SWIFT payout – fast payout via the SWIFT network.

  • All charges ours – pay one charge for sending money with no hidden fees.

  • Bulk payments – group payment instructions to the same beneficiary and send in one batch.


  • Transfers – move money between your and your customers’ accounts or between your customers’ account/balances within your ecosystem. 


  • Beneficiaries management – create and manage all of your beneficiaries.

  • Bank account validation – validate your beneficiary’s account details.


Payer management – provide more information about the payer of a payment.

Our offer: Services
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