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Our Business and You

Our business would be nothing without its relationships, particularly in a sector where innovation is key, and risks are aplenty. Global financial regulation and reducing your exposure to risk requires pragmatic, dependable solutions.

A Sector Leader

We have a long-established reputation recognised throughout the globe. We offer you expertise in all relevant areas, having supported domestic and cross-border transactions.
Our services meet the unique needs of our clients, staying current with trends and legislative developments. We are focused on delivering solutions that meet the demands of the ever-changing financial market.
We work on a wide variety of transactions and aim to stay in tune with your requirements and we're at the leading edge of new and emerging areas as you adapt and look for fresh markets.

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In-depth support

Our broad range of expertise is balanced by highly specific and innovative service offerings. We have in-depth experience with a variety of institutions - such as mezzanine, ABL, sub-debt and DIP uni-tranche - and provide insightful services to help our clients achieve transaction approvals and ensure compliance at all levels.

With an in-depth understanding of the competitive financial services landscape, extensive experience navigating complex regulatory and legislative environments, and hands-on national and international experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients, including business legal advice by solicitors for:

  • Asset-based lending

  • Banking and financial regulatory (non-contentious)

  • Bond financing/public debt

  • Corporate finance and corporate and debt restructurings

  • Cross-border and domestic transactions

  • Derivatives and structured products

  • Distressed M&A

  • Funds

  • Insolvency and restructurings

  • Incorporation and Structuring (click here to login to your company account)

  • M&A financing

  • Project and infrastructure finance

  • Regulatory

  • Renegotiating loans and security agreements

  • Senior secured and unsecured lending

  • Sub-debt, mezzanine and second lien lending

  • Syndicated, club and joint venture transactions

  • Tax

  • Trade finance

  • Uni-tranche lending

  • Venture capital, hedge fund and merchant banking transactions

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